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We’ve written a social media audit PDF tool, download it below

Over the last year we have researched, undertaken and reviewed many so called “leading courses” on Facebook advertising. Our team who were already experts in Facebook, wanted to stay ahead and see what was out there. What they saw shocked them. On the whole these ‘expert lead courses’ were badly written, had massive gaps in, but more importantly they were done by individuals, or at best a small team, who had siloed thinking and did not have the breadth of understanding of the wider marketing spectrum.
So it got us thinking. As part of our Academy, we decided to write our own world leading course utilising ALL our experts within the agency.

From beginner to master. The facebook advertising course that will change your business.
Built by experts to help you become one
Built by experts to help you become one
A great deal of this content we have not seen taught anywhere else, insight from leading industry experts with over 25 years experience each working on nationally recognised leading brands, SME clients, coaches, B2C and B2B, right through to smaller local business accounts.
So this facebook course doesn’t just teach Facebook, it teaches you so MUCH MORE about marketing and Facebook plus it gives you OUR system to enable your ads to succeed and beat your competition.

The course includes:
21 modules including 12 Videos – an enormous amount of worth, insight and advice. Step by step guides. Industry leading tips and much more. All compete with handy worksheets and cheat sheets to help you master Facebook advertising.

  1. Introduction to Facebook Marketing (47 min video)
  2. How to undertake a social media audit (includes cheat sheet)
  3. Ad Testing – How to setup for success (39 min video)
  4. Ad Testing – Campaign setup sheets & info
  5. Tracking your conversions accurately (36 min video)
  6. Objectives and Conversion Tracking
  7. The Facebook Pixel (36 min video)
  8. Event Pixel Placement
  9. Creating Great Adverts that Convert (22 min video)
  10. Ad Copy and Creative Guidelines
  11. Advert Targeting on Facebook (44 min video)
  12. Defining a Customer Persona (includes cheat sheets)
  13. Audience Targeting (includes cheat sheet)
  14. Understanding Your ROI (35 min video)
  15. Tracking Your ROI
  16. Ad Relevance and its Importance
  17. Funnels & Remarketing (41 min video)
  18. Facebook Ad Funnels
  19. Bonus – Funnel walkthrough (14 min video)
  20. Campaign Setup and Walkthrough (20 min video)
  21. Ad Campaign Setup
  22. Targeting Options and Guides

This course has been produced SO YOU CAN learn from the best in the business
Our team comprises of leading creatives, strategists, marketeers, SEO, PPC, advertising creatives, copywriters and many more. THE WHOLE MARKETING MIX here to show you the very best way to use Facebook. Not just some siloed thinking. Not just some bit of advice here and there. But a course developed to truly show you the wider marketing aspects of Facebook.

The course includes:
Course Modules - Video
Course Modules - PDFs
Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

This course is so comprehensive, nothing is held back, if you’re looking to set yourself up as an agency specialising in Facebook Marketing then this course will give you the tools to bring on new clients for yourself and make huge successes of their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, you might just want to use this knowledge for your own business or understand more clearly what your current agency is doing – it’s all there, the tools and blueprint of how to clearly scale your campaigns, save money on all your adverts, beat your competitors every time and the proven system that we as an agency have used to run campaigns with budgets of over $1,000 a day.

The cost

We’ve seen people charging £400 – £500 a day as a ‘consultant’ going into clients premises to train their teams, with our course it’s far more comprehensive than anything that can be taught in a single day plus it’s yours to keep. PLUS we will be adding more content and modules over the coming months and you’ll have membership of our Academy group where you’ll get access to more industry advice and knowledge.

The costs of this course is a bargain.

We are not here to rip off with a $4000 or $2000 course (which we’ve seen and done).
Our course only costs £495 inc VAT (Buy now button)
At Institution we believe in being transparent, honest and one of our core values is to pass on knowledge and further all our skills.

We are not here to rip people off with “thin thinking and light knowledge”.

But to share and collectively become better.

The cost

Don’t wait.

Don’t miss out.

Order today and change your business success this coming year.